The courses are based on feminism and gender theory and actual practice in society. The two major focuses on teaching and research include various courses.

  1. Core courses on feminism and gender theory: "Introduction to Gender Studies", " Feminist/Gender Research Methods", "Feminism Theory and Social Practices", "Gender, Medicine and Health", "Classic Readings in Gender Studies", "Sexuality, Gender and Society", "Sociology of Gender", "Masculinity studies ", "Gay and Lesbian Studies", "Special Topic on Gender Mainstreaming ", "Community and Feminist Practice", "Thesis Writing Forum."
  2. Courses on gender, medicine and technoscience: "Gender, Narrative and Healing", "Gender and Technology", "Gender and Nursing", "Medicine, Technoscience and Policy", "Gender and Aging studies", "Gender, Health promotion and Welfare", "Medical Anthropology Seminar."
  3. Courses on gender, society and culture: "Work, Body, Time and Space", "Feminism and Multicultural Families", "Cross-cultural Feminisms: An Intersectional Approach", "Feminist Pedagogy", "Gender and Media", "Studies in Gendered Violence", "Gender and Globalization", "Gender, State and Care", "Practicum on Gender Education", "Gender, Organization and Policy Analysis", " Contemporary Gender Issues and Controversies", "Gender and Cultural Studies."


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