105 Course title First
Required courses
Introduction to Gender Studies 3       V
Gender, Medicine and Health 3       V
Role-Model Learning Program 0       V
Feminist/Gender Research Methods   3     V
Feminism Theory and Social Practices   3     V 
Thesis Writing Forum     1   V
Seminar on Social Science     1   V
Thesis       6 V
Masculinity Studies 3        
Community and Feminist Practice 3        
Classic Readings in Gender Studies 3        
Gay and Lesbian Studies   3      
Sexuality, Gender and Society 3        
Special Topics on Gender Mainstreaming 3        
Sociology of Gender   3      
Gender, Narrative and Healing 3        
Gender and Nursing 2        
Gender and Technology   3      
Medical Anthropology Seminar   3      
Gender and Media 3        
Feminist Pedagogy 3        
Contemporary Gender Issues and Controversies 3        
Work, Body, Time and Space   3      
Cross-cultural Feminisms: An Intersectional Approach   3      
Feminism and Multicultural Families   3      
Studies in Gendered Violence   3      
Gender and Quantitative Research 2        
Gender and Cultural Studies 3        
Gender and Globalization   3      
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